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This trial lawyer, Kevin Griffin, represents people and families injured by negligence in auto accidents, plane crashes, boat accidents, trips and falls, work accidents, store premises liability, and Maritime Jones Act claims

Kevin as he is known to family, friends and colleagues, received his law degree in 1989 from DePaul University College of Law in Chicago. Since then he has been helping and finding legal solutions for his clients and their families.

The majority of his 25 years of law practice involves accident litigation wrongful death and personal injury from cars, trucks, boats, plane crashes, premises liability, faulty consumer products, cruise lines, workers' compensation, and maritime Jones Act cases involving ships, barges and towboats.

His law practice is located in Ft Pierce where he serves his clients in all areas of the law.

Military Service and Veteran Rights Advocate

Major John K. Griffin USMC, has honorably served this nation as a Marine Corps officer and squadron helicopter pilot. He is a member of the Marine Corps Combat Helicopter Association and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He is an advocate for veteran rights.


Kevin resides in Ft Pierce with his family and is a parishoner of St Anastasia Catholic Church. His hobbies include hiking with the family and enjoying the beauty of nature in the environmental land preserves of St Lucie County on Florida's treasure coast.

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